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Mon, Apr. 19th, 2010, 01:26 pm

shit goddamn u guyz i got so much to telling u about.

FIRST i went to a hocky game!!!!! i went with RUby and her new sister. Her name is AMiee. They just met this yr. RUBy's mommy had sexual intercoarse with some other dude a long time ago and that is where AMI camed from.

anyway the hocky game was not one of the good NHL ones. (RUBy got to go to TOO of those games this yr!!!!) it was an ECHL game. that means they are like not as awesome and big-weenered as the professhunal ones like SYNDY CROSBY god he is so cute.

so the game was in WEST VIGINA and i was excited to maybe see some of my own kind there. AMYs boyfriend camed with her. he is a doctor!!!!!! like, a real one!!!! and not the kind i go to for my fizzicals - i do not thikn that guy is a real doctor. but he is cheap.

i tried to fit in as best i could with a real life DOCTOR. he even said "hey man let us go get some beer for the women b4 the game starts" and i did, i went with him, even tho ruBY is not a real women cuz she don't drink beer. I was just hopin it would give us some privacy so we could pat each other on the backs.

anyway it was a real fun time until ruBY said something about it being a date and i was like "bitch i did not agree to no date, u is not getting layed tonight"

then yeserday we went to visit my mommy in the nursing home. DONT WORRY SHE IS OK!!! she had a knee opration and is just recooperatin. so we get there and i'm all excited to show the world what a great sonny i am by hookin my mommys ocks  oscagyn air tank thing on her wheelchair so we could go to the FAMILY LOUNGE which is really just a room with vending machines and three tables.

anyway while i was doin that to her wheelchair some guy that lives in her apartment building camed to visit her to. I was like wtf is this shit!?>?!?!?! his name is ADRIAN who names there son ADRIAN. and he is like my age and IN A BAND so my mommy thnks he is like, real great. he camed with us to the FAMILY LOUNGE and i was like "hay dick stick why u cum in here, you are not FAMLY" but i didn't rilly say that cuz my mommy could hit me and frankly i am kind of scared of her still even tho i am a MAN now.

ok so we are sitting there and ADRAIN never shut his big dumb NATIVE AMERIKAN face!!!!!! him and my mommy sat there talkin about peoples i do not know cuz i do live in there apt building and i was like "wut am i sposed to do sit here and twiddle my weener" but then i kept wishin i had long thick hair like ADRAIN and i think i am gonna start growing my hair again and maybe then my mommy will NOTICE ME.

i also did not like that RUBY was talkin to this guy. he was talkin about courtin some broad who lives across the river from him and he would go across the river in his big dumb indian canoe and pick her up and ruBY was like swooning and sayin shit like "wow u is so nice, mister" and mean while i am like "wtf is COURTING????" he is takin' her to court and ruBY thinks this is so romantic??? oh i will take her to court if that is what she wants i have enuf dirt on her to make sure i never has to deal with that slut again jesus.

now i has to go back to cleanin the house because i have to do every thing round here or ruBY will blow the house up.

Thu, Apr. 29th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)

This post MADE MY DAY!!!